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Intelligent Design LLC is an architectural design firm located in North-central Michigan. Choose a firm with vision, experience and the expertise to guide you through the design and construction process

With over sixty years in the design/construction profession between them, Intelligent Design LLC founders Architect David G. Riebschleger and Designer Thomas J. Marsh adhere to the three basic principles of Architecture

  • Durability - Designed and engineered with quality components utilizing sustainable environmentally friendly materials and systems.
  • Utility - Whether residential or commercial, it should function well for all users, utilizing intelligent designs principles and within the budget.
  • Beauty - Besides durable and practical, the project exterior and interior should inspire its occupants and observers. It should be a joy to occupy and a source of pride in the community

Our work reflects a lasting dedication to sustainability and stewardship within the environment, conserving material and energy. long before LEED and other popular current slogans we preached and practiced conservation and the wise use of materials.

Intelligent Design LLC can be a valued member of your team for both commercial and residential projects and can assist you in assembling more team members from associated professional firms whom we have worked with for years. These would include professional (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Structural), Land Surveyors, Builders and Contractors, and material suppliers. We are very experienced with all construction delivery systems, including Design Build and Construction Management.


Though there rarely seems to be much free time, both Dave and Tom believe in giving back through their profession to worthwhile causes. Through donation of their professional services at little or no cost to the client, many organizations have benefited. Currently we are working with ARK, a non-profit wildlife rehabilitation center in Roscommon County. Last year we provided all of the design services for the Houghton Lake Little League Complex, which was inspired by a young area ball player who died after being hit by a drunk driver.

We always set aside time for projects like these so let us know if we can work for your cause.

All of the projects shown in this web site were designed by either David Riebschleger or Thomas Marsh together with Intelligent Design LLC or previous firms owned by Dave or Tom.